The Communitarian Network is a coalition of individuals and organizations who have come together to shore up the social, moral, and political environment. We are a nonpartisan, nonsectarian, transnational association.

Latest Publications

"Gun control: Campaigning vs. legislating," The Hill, September 15, 2019

"How the European Union Lost Its Luster," The National Interest, September 14, 2019
"Appeasing Iran Will Fail," The National Interest, August 2, 2019

Reclaiming Patriotism

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Book cover with title Reclaiming Patriotism and author Amitai Etzioni in red text and blue stars

"This is a major contribution by a leading public intellectual to a central issue of our time. ..."
Wolfgang Streeck, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, author of How Will Capitalism End?

"Drawing on a lifetime of sociological research and decades as a global communitarian leader, Amitai Etzioni boldly takes on the most fundamental political challenge of our time. ..."
William A. Galston, The Brookings Institution

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Happiness is the Wrong Metric

Avoiding War with China

Avoiding War with China book cover